Volume No. :   2

Issue No. :  5

Year :  2010

ISSN Print :  0975-2331

ISSN Online :  0975-4385


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An Identity Based Pharmacognostical Profile of Sisymbrium officinale

Address:   K. Rajendran2, Bahlul Z.S. Awen2, Eiman Molod Aboalied Sowan2 and R. Vijaya Bharathi1
1Department of Pharmacognosy, Madras Medical College, Chennai, India.
2Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy, Al-Jabal Al- Gharbi University, Al- Zawia, Libya.
*Corresponding Author:

This article presents an identity based pharmacognostical study of the leaf and stem of Sisymbrium officinale (Brassicaceae). Morphoanatomy of the leaf were studied to aid pharmacognostical and taxonomical identification, using light and confocal microscopy. The morphological, anatomical parameters and Physico-chemical profile presented in this paper may be proposed as parameters to establish the authenticity of S. officinale and can possibly help to differentiate the drug from its other related species.
Sisymbrium officinale, Micromorphology, Physico-chemical
K. Rajendran, Bahlul Z.S. Awen, Eiman Molod Aboalied Sowan, R. Vijaya Bharathi. An Identity Based Pharmacognostical Profile of Sisymbrium officinale. Research J. Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2010; 2(5): 377-380.
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