Volume No. :   6

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2014

ISSN Print :  0975-2331

ISSN Online :  0975-4385


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A Review on Achyranthes aspera

Address:   Sai Koteswar Sarma. D1*, Rajesh Kumar D.2, Nagajyothi D.2, Prabhavathi V.2, Santhi Bai M.2
1Department of Pharmacognosy, Siddhartha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jonnalagadda, Narsaraopet, Guntur (Dt.)
2Siddhartha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jonnalagadda, Narsaraopet, Guntur (Dt.), Andhra Pradesh
*Corresponding Author .

Achyranthes aspera is an erect herb belongs to family Amaranthaceae. In Telugu it is known as Antisha, Apamargamu, Uttaraene. It is described in 'Nighantas' as purgative, pungent, digestive, a remedy for inflammation of the internal organs, piles, itch, abdominal enlargements and enlarged cervical glands. It is found throughout tropical Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Betaine and Achyranthine are the principal alkaloids identified from the whole plant. The whole plant has medicinal activities, mainly used in treatment of urinary disorders, skin disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.
Achyranthes aspera, Apamargamu, betaine, achyranthine.
Sai Koteswar Sarma. D, Rajesh Kumar D., Nagajyothi D., Prabhavathi V., Santhi Bai M.. A Review on Achyranthes aspera;. Res. J. Pharmacognosy & Phytochem. 2014; 6(2): 66-69.
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