Volume No. :   2

Issue No. :  3

Year :  2010

ISSN Print :  0975-2331

ISSN Online :  0975-4385


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Anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity of Eupatorium odoratum Linn. Leaves

Address:   Prabhudutta Panda*, Arpita Ghosh and Maitrayee Panda
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohuda, Berhampur-760002, Orissa, India
*Corresponding Author

The present study was carried out to elucidate the potential of methanol extract of Eupatorium odoratum L (Family- Asteraceae) leaves on anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects using various animal models. The dried, powdered leaves of E. odoratum were extracted successively with petroleum ether (60–800C), chloroform and methanol in soxhlet apparatus. The methanol extract (yield 23.6 % w/w with respected to dry powdered plant material) was selected for all experimental procedure. Anti-inflammatory effect were investigated by employing the carrageenan induced rat paw edema test in adult Wister albino rats and the wound healing activity in Swiss Albino rats. Results were revealed that the methanol extract was found significant anti-inflammatory effect (P<0.001) at the dose levels of 100,200 and 400 mg/kg, orally in mice. Ointment and gel was prepared from the methanol extract of E. odoratum and tested for pH, viscosity, spreadability, drug contents uniformity. The formulations were evaluated for its acute skin irritancy, wound healing activity in Swiss Albino rats. The formulations did not produce any skin irritation for about a week when applied over the skin. The formulations and the normal methanol extracts of E. odoratum showed significant (P< 0.001) wound healing activity by excision wound model and comparable with that of the reference standards and control bases. The measurement of the wound areas were taken on 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 18th days and the percentages of wound closures were calculated. It concludes that, methanol extract possessed remarkable anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity effect on animal models.
Eupatorium odoratum leaves, methanol extract, Anti-inflammatory, wound healing
Prabhudutta Panda, Arpita Ghosh, Maitrayee Panda. Anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity of Eupatorium odoratum Linn. Leaves. Research J. Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2010; 2(3): 211-216.
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